Canada is a top-rated country among G-20 members. It has a winning environment, abundant natural resources, and an excellent place for Research and Development, scientific talents, and innovation incentives.

Canada welcomes skilled and experienced folks across the globe to contribute to Canada’s growing economy through a business immigration program.

We can help you gain a golden passport (Canadian Citizenship) or golden visa (Canada Permanent Residence) If you qualify for the specific program.

The most commonly known programs are:

  1. Federal Entrepreneur Program
  2. Startup Visa
  3. Self-employed
  4. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Canada Entrepreneur Visa:

Suppose you’re capable of establishing a new business in any province of Canada or acquiring a qualified business and running it as an active partner. In that case, we will help you gain a Canadian entrepreneur visa.

  • We help you achieve the required documents for the visa process.
  • We help you draft various plans, such as business concepts, marketing, and financial management plans.
  • We help you prepare a net worth verification report.
  • We help you with submissions of business registration licenses, reference letters, registration with taxation authorities, etc.
  • We assist you in collecting exploratory visit documents, proof of business ownership, and education credentials.
  • We help you to pass various tests and interviews which can be conducted by the government authorities.
Canada Business Visa

Canada Startup Visa:

Suppose you have full entrepreneurship and ambitions in mind, plus financial capabilities to sustain in the Canadian competitive market. In that case, we can help you gain a Canada startup visa through our consulting services.

We help you achieve a letter of support from designated organizations nominated by the Canadian government for the following categories:

  • Designated business incubators that help startups and entrepreneurs develop their businesses based on innovative concepts.
  • Designated angel investor groups who are ready to help startups through investment and active participation in management through their managerial expertise.

Designated venture capital funds dedicated to supporting early, middle, and late-stage businesses in Canada.

Canada Self-employed Visa:

Suppose you have a pure intention and ability to create employment for yourself and can contribute to the nation’s cultural, artistic, and athletic activities. In that case, our Canada self-employed visa consulting services are for you.

  • We help you score a minimum of 35 points on the assessment grid of the program.
  • We help you prepare documents regarding your professional education and qualifications.
  • We suggest appropriate language tests applicable to your choice of province.
  • We assist you in preparing documents for your self-employment experience.

We aid you in the preparation of your business plan/self-employment plan.

Canada Business PNP Visa:

Canada Business PNP is an immigration path working with joint efforts of different provinces and federal governments in Canada.

  • Our experts help you recognize the most suitable province based on your qualifications, intentions, and lifestyle preferences.
  • It’s a point-based program, so we help applicants to secure the maximum points out of their abilities.

Once you secure the provincial nomination successfully, you will have 600 bonus points for your Express Entry profile.

Canada Business Visa

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