Canadian citizenship allows you to build your life in Canada and enjoy each available perk that comes with Canadian citizenship. For instance,

  • Voting rights
  • Government jobs
  • Dual citizenship
  • Heirs’ citizenship
  • Unique tax payments

We guide our clients with possible exemptions and provisions under the citizenship law. We have government-authorized licensed consultants to represent your case.

Criteria To Become A Canadian Citizen:

  • Age: It should be between 18 to 54 years.
  • Permanent Resident Status: You should have a PR card.
  • Time Lived in Canada: 1095 days in the last five years.
  • Language Ability: English & French abilities.
  • Prohibition: You should not have any criminal history.
  • Knowledge of Canada: You must be familiar with Canada’s brief history.
Citizenship Application

What We Can Do:

Most Canadian citizenship applicants think the process is smooth sailing. However, only when you adhere to the truth and provide enough evidence to support your case. Therefore, we save from the wrong manipulation of their information intentionally or by accident.

  • We provide complete guidance during the process, from filling in the online form to facing in-person interviews or tests with government authorities if applicable.
  • We help them to gather the required documents to show their presence in Canada for three consecutive years.
  • We assist them in gathering their personal documents, including date of birth, valid proof of identification documents etc.
  • We keep them ready for the latest Canadian knowledge and show Canadian experience.

Are you considering applying for Canadian citizenship and seeking a Canadian licensed consultant?
The way will lead you to us only! Let’s discuss your case.

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