Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is an official permit to empower Canadian employers to hire a foreign national legally into their business or companies. It also denotes that no Canadian citizen or PR holder is available or capable of fulfilling job responsibilities. Hence, there is a strong need for foreign workers in the company.

To acquire LMIA permission, the employer must pass through a hiring process to produce proof that their open position cannot be filled with Canadian citizens or PR holders. We thoroughly guide needy employers to fulfill the labor shortage and hire foreign workers on close work permits.

LMIA types:

There are several types of LMIA available as follows;

High-wage Positions:

Statistics Canada provides a list of median hourly wages prevailing in the previous financial year across all provinces and territories in Canada. So, if the employer offers an hourly wage above the median value of that province or territory, you should select a high-wage stream.

Low-wage Positions:

Similarly, if the hourly wage offered by the employer is lower than the median value, you should select a low-wage stream.

LMIA for PR:

  • It is also called “Dual Intent LMIA” and it boost CRS points in Express Entry.
  • So, employers can process under a dual LMIA and applicant will only enter the job market if they become PR.

Global Talent LMIA:

Hiring global talents becomes fast and easy, particularly for computer-related fields. The processing time is within two weeks.

Agriculture LMIA:

It’s a program for the agriculture sector where you need workers for on-farm work/processes in specific categories, such as grain cultivation, fruit orchards, flower growing, poultry farms, livestock farms, or other crops defined by the government.

LMIA for Caregiver:

The government of Canada supports hiring for healthcare and household category workers by creating two pilot programs. Home childcare provider pilot program helps households to hire childcare workers. Similarly, the home support pilot program eases hiring household workers in house care activities.

Seasonal Agriculture Worker Program (SAWP):

Many seasonal crops fall into grains, fruits, and flower categories and need a seasonal workforce in bulk for a limited period. Moreover, seasonal agricultural workers are unavailable locally and need to take bulk help from a foreign crew. In such cases, LMIA helps to fulfill the requirements.

How can we help Employers?

We help Canadian employers to get the LMIA approval to hire eligible foreign nationals following requirements by ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada). Some highlights of employer qualifications;

  • Proof of active business.
  • Proof of location of the business.
  • Businesses should be on the compliance list.
  • Proof of efforts to hire Canadian Permanent residents or citizens.
  • Businesses should cooperate for on-site inspection if required.

We invite Canadian employers to take advantage of fast and reliable LMIA processing services from our trusted Immigration Consultant firm in Edmonton, Canada.

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