Canada annually issues a whopping number of work permits to temporary foreign workers worldwide. A work permit is a legal document allowing a foreign national to acquire employment inside Canada. Canada’s work permit options can be difficult, but we seek to make it as easy for you as possible.

We offer consulting services for various work permit options available in Canada. There are two broad categories of work permit options in Canada.


  1. Temporary Foreign Worker Program: It requires LMIA to obtain a work permit.
  2. International Mobility Program: It doesn’t require LMIA to obtain a work permit. Thus, it offers unprecedented advantages to both employers in Canada and foreign workers.

LMIA-Based Work Permit:

  • An LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) is a document obtained by a Canadian employer that allows them to hire a Temporary Foreign worker.
  • We help LMIA seekers, Canadian employers, and foreign workers benefit from the program by providing our consulting services for both ends.
  • Therefore, we help foreign workers recognize an opportunity to acquire a work permit under TFWP by securing a job from a Canadian employer.

We bridge the gap between foreign aspirant candidates and needy employers in Canada by providing essential information.

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

PGWP (Post-graduation work permit):

PGWP allows international students to work up to three years who have completed full-time study at Designated Learning Institute and graduated from Canadian universities and colleges.

Spousal Open work Permit:

Spouse of a Full-time student in Canada allows to apply for an Open work permit for the same duration as of their study permit. Once work permit received, the spouse can work with any employer in Canada.

BOWP (Bridging Open Work Permit):

It is sometimes referred to as a bridging visa in Canada. It was created to facilitate workers in Canada who want to continue working while their applications for permanent residency are being processed.

Intra-company Transfers Work Permit:

This is the most popular way to enter Canada if you are an international worker working abroad with a parent company, branch, subsidiary, or affiliate in Canada.

International Experience Canada (IEC) Work Permit:

  • Canada allows youths from over 30 countries to live and work in Canada under the International Experience Canada (IEC) program.

We offer guidance for youths from certain countries who can secure an eligible job from Canadian employers.

Working Holiday Visa:

  • As its name suggests, a Working Holiday work permit allows you to work in Canada while travelling across Canada. Our consultants help you to enjoy these dual advantages.

We offer a personalized assistance service to guide you throughout the program.

GTS (Global Talent Stream) Program:

  • Do you know Canada acquired nearly 50K foreign immigrants through its Global Talent Stream program in 2021?

This is the fastest route for skilled immigrants to realize their Canadian dreams, and we can help you by consulting for eligible candidates under the GTS program.

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