Canada welcomes millions of non-immigrant visitors across the globe every year.

  • Canada offers natural beauty that lures tourists worldwide to visit beautiful places.
  • Canada has a highly advanced healthcare system that tempts many medical tourists to come to Canada for advanced treatments.
  • Canada is a growing economy with plenty of business opportunities that attract business persons across the globe to visit to explore more or tie knots with local businesses. Thus, many business persons seek permission to enter Canada on a visitor visa.
  • Canada hosts numerous international cultural, educational, scientific, academic, athletics, sports, and artistic events annually, creating visitor visa needs for their participants.
  • Canada boasts of an advanced education system, and many universities in Canada offer short-term courses that lead students or interested professionals to ask for temporary resident visas (TRV).

Canada visitor visa

  • A Canada Visitor Visa is an official document issued by Canadian Immigration that is placed in your passport to show that you have met the requirements for entry to Canada as a temporary resident.
  • If you plan to fly to Canada, you need a Visitor Visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).

How long can you stay on a Visitor visa?

  • Usually, visitors can stay for up to 6 months in Canada.¬†However, the immigration officer at the border may change your change or limit your period of stay, which will allow you to stay for less or more than six months.
  • If the border officer puts a specific date on your passport and if it is shorter than six months, you should prepare to leave Canada earlier than your actual plan. The Border officer might also give you a visitor record document showing the exact date you must leave Canada.

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

  • You need an ETA if you are a Visa-exempt foreign national flying to or transiting through a Canadian Airport. However, you do NOT need an ETA when arriving by car, bus, train, or boat, including a cruise ship.
  • Some examples of ETA-eligible countries are Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, France, Germany, Singapore, UAE, Hong Kong etc.

How Can We Help You?

Our visa consultants in Edmonton, Canada, make the visitor visa process smooth, providing thorough guidance during the whole application process, which includes:

    1. We help you to recognize the best strategy to obtain a visitor visa in your circumstances.
    2. We advise on how to present your finances to support your Canada visit.
    3. We also advise on how to present your personal documents effectively.
    4. We assist you in filling in the necessary forms and arranging the supporting documents.
    5. If your visit is for business purposes, we will help you present your case that way with a schedule plan for meetings, conferences, and visits to different business destinations.

Our team of immigration experts for Canada are ready to respond to your queries or concern about obtaining visitor visas round-the-clock.

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